Diatomaceous Earth 
          ~ Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) bug killer you can eat!!! ~

Diatomaceous Earth is a white powder that is the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton. When sprinkled on a spider or bug that has an exoskeleton something like bed bugs or fleas it gets caught between their exoskeleton joints. IT DOES NOT HURT MAMMALS, WE CAN EAT IT. It is safe for most animals and it helps prevent and control mites, fleas, spiders, ants and roaches.
                ~ Human Uses ~          

          Take one tablespoon a day!      

                            Emphysema, Hair and Nail Growth and Health, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hypoglycemia, Heavy Metal Detoxifier, Joint and Tendon Health, Osteoporosis, Pregnancy, Scabies, Skin and Complexion Control, Stimulates Metabolism, Strengthens Blood Vessels, Teeth an Gums, Thyroid Problems, Tissue Repair, Varicose Veins, Worms and Parasites, Hair Lice, Crabs, Bed Bugs, Alzheimer's Anti-inflammatory, Arterioscierosis, Arthritis, Bloating and Flatulence, Blood Sugar Regulation, Blood Pressure Control, Bone Strength, Bronchitis, Candida, Cholesterol Control, Chronic Fatigue, Collagen Generation, Colon Cleanser, Detox and Cleansing, Diabetes and Pancreas, Digestive Aid, Diuretic, Foot Fungus Weight Loss and much more
       ~ Pets and Livestock ~   

DE is good for Smaller Mammals and Birds, Dogs and Cats, Goats, Chickens, Horses, Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Rabbits and any other livestock animal.

Just Mix With Food Everyday. 
It is an organic wormer and may take up to a month to get going. It also works for sores, hips and joints and even a fuller healthier shiny coat as well as a daily supplement. It helps reduce odors in bedding and litter, it stops fleas and ticks from breeding. It controls mites, lice, fleas, ear mites and ticks. Just rub the powder all over the coat of the animal. Sprinkle it on any bedding or litter.

DE controls flea and ticks, earwigs. 
Scouring or diarrhea when fed it seems to act as a material that draws both virus and bacteria out of the body and solidifies the stool.
Reduces odor and moisture I barns and stalls.
Kills parasites without chemicals.
Better egg production, stronger eggs, and reduces overall animal stress.
Added to livestock waters, will prevent algae from growing.
Increases Milk production.

  ~  How DE Works  ~

It attracts and absorbs bacteria, fungi, viruses, e-coli and endotoxins. It removes this from the body and giving our immune system a clean out. Once this is done you will start having normal bowel movements. It also destroys all the bad fat and removes it lowering bad cholessterol and high blood pressure. It's great for growing hair and nails, it helps your bones and joints.It cleans your teeth and gums, face mask and cleanser and fades age spots.


Diatomaceous earth (DE) is the remains of microscopic one-celled plants (phytoplankton) called diatoms that lived in the oceans and lakes that once covered the western part of the US and other parts of the world. Diatoms (algae) are the grass of the oceans and lakes. Just as grass is the staple food of earth animals, diatoms are the food of the ocean or fresh water grazers. Magnified 7000 times, diatomaceous earth looks like spiny honeycombs. Diatomaceous earth is mined from underwater beds or from ancient dried lake bottoms thousands of years old. This means, diatomaceous earth has an unlimited shelf life provided you keep it dry. 

Pool filter grade diatomaceous earth has been heat and chemically treated and will poison an animal or human who ingests it, so it is always of utmost importance to only obtain food grade diatomaceous earth to use in and around your household. Our diatomaceous earth is organic OMRI listed Food Chemical Codex Grade. It is a non-treated, non-calcined fresh water Diatomaceous Earth. It comes from fresh water lake beds and is mined, crushed, sifted, bagged, pure white in color and contains less than .5% crystalline silica. There are food grade diatomaceous earth products that are yellow or tan in color which indicates higher iron content. Those which are gray in color contain more clay. 

What is the difference between food grade and pool grade diatomaceous earth?

The difference is in the way that the natural diatomaceous earth is treated. Pool grade diatomaceous earth is only meant for use as a filtration aid. It is treated at a very high temperature (calcined) and contains a high percentage of crystalline silica. Food chemical codex grade diatomaceous earth is treated at a much lower temperature(non-calcined)It contains a very low percentage of crystalline silica (Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth contains less than 1% crystalline silica) and is therefore not harmful to humans or animals.

  To be mixed with grains to control meal worms as well as other pests and has been exempted from tolerance requirements as an inert, inactive ingredient in chemical pesticides

  For treatment of indoor and outdoor crawling insects on plants or animals

 As an anti-caking agent for animal feed and controls odors

 Use it as a metal cleaner or a polish, cleans the shower sink and faucets or even driveways

 For internal and external use and has a rating of food chemical codex grade 

   ~ Home and Garden ~

Great for Hoya plants, all household and outdoor plants.
Household insects
Garbage can odors, refrigerator/freezer odors.
Garage/Driveway oil stains.
Teeth cleaner.
Face/mask and cleanser.
Metal Cleaner.

Notice to buyers, seller makes now warranty, expressed or implied, concerning the use of this product other than indicated and the buyer assumes all risk of the use and/or the handling of this product.
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